Email Marketing Guide for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

black friday sales

It is almost time for Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday deals again. With the shopping festival coming up, marketers are preparing for battle. Social media pages are being updated, advertisements being sent out and the website theme is getting completely revamped. However, one asset most people forget to invest in is email marketing. Last year many online stores reported that email marketing was responsible for more than half the revenue earned from Black Friday deals online.

If you are planning on participating in this year’s Black Friday sales then you should finalize the email marketing strategy to get ahead of the competition. An effective campaign is one that includes solid strategies and produces substantial results. Listed below are some tips you should follow to make the most of this Black Friday shopping festival.

Arrange the Subscribers List

You can create groups out of the subscribers you already have based on their demographic and other behavioral characteristics. This will allow you to send specialized messages and receive a better conversion rate. Apart from the basic segmenting you can also distribute users according to age, gender, location and other biographical factors. This includes all those who have previously shopped from your store during Black Friday sales and also regular customers who remain loyal throughout the year.

Personalize Emails

You should not assume that a shopper who has not visited your store since last year will not be interested in this year’s deals. It is possible they choose different stores who have approached them through email or social media however since they have to shop for the same people again they will be likely to check out the store they bought from earlier.

Start early and being sending out personalized emails to those customers. You can give recommendation on what products they would like to buy this year based on their previous purchases. You can also use their browsing behavior to guess what they would be interested in.

Offer Additional Rewards

Your best customers deserve special treatment and what time is better than the holiday season to give gifts? You can help them plan their holiday shopping and also increase your profit margins. Encourage them to spend more on your website than others by giving them special access to next season’s items and offering free gifts if they spend over a certain amount.

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