Redesigning the Site | 2


As I posted last week, I’m in the process of redesigning my website so that it’s a bit more useful as a means of aggregating the content I create as well as showing people what I do and who I am and all that. Last week, I posted the very basic bit of mockup that […]

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Redesigning the Site


Hey everyone, I’m currently in the process of redesigning the very website you’re currently hanging out on. Why? Because I’m currently using a free wordpress theme, which I don’t really like, and which makes the ads a little too invasive, and blah blah blah. Anyways, here’s a screenshot from the little bit I did at […]

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Orphan Mothers is playing our first show!


Orphan Mothers is playing our first show at the Grand Opening of the Queen City Hub on April 4th. The Queen City Hub is a not-for-profit skill-sharing and coworking space in downtown Regina. We’ll be joined by Belle Plaine and The Broleteriat. I’m super excited to perform with this band for the first time, because […]

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