Eden Rohatensky is a developer, musician, and designer. Sometimes she’s also a writer, model, and comedian. She’s interested in honest and dynamic storytelling and making cool things happen.


Life Update

Apr 29 16

Last year, around this time, I made a deal with myself. After spending a year recovering from some regular old…

PREMIERE: Also Also Also shine on electro-pop single “Stock Neon”

Jun 30 16

Ghost Twin w/ Waitress, Hush Pup, Kindest Cuts, Firestarter & Also Also Also

Jun 25 16

Jay Arner + Supermoon + Also Also Also

Jun 24 16

The Consequences and Benefits of Extreme Honesty

Jun 20 16

As a performer and songwriter, throughout the years I’ve put myself in a position of emotional vulnerability. Every breakup, every…