Eden Rohatensky currently spends her days as a Full-Stack Engineer at Vox Media and her evenings singing in her solo project, Eden the Cat, as well as the electronic-pop band Orphan Mothers. In addition to this, she is the co-founder and host of the Jimmy & Eden podcast network, which produced over 50 podcast episodes in its first year and continues to grow both in content and audience.

After recording 30 covers in 30 days, Eden wrote, recorded and released her album Amateur within a week and saw it become the #1 best-selling folk album on Bandcamp on the week of its release in September. She is currently working on Orphan Mothers’ debut album which is set to release in early February while working on several new and unannounced musical projects.

Prior to her position at Vox Media, Eden worked as mobile interface designer at GasBuddy. In the past few years she spoke at several conferences including Confoo, DevTeach, PrairieDevCon and Moso on topics that range from team-building, productivity and organization to web development and mobile design. In addition to her work as a programmer, host and musician, Eden enjoys writing the occasional article on her blog, typography and baking bread.

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